Walk Winter Tex

Walk Winter Tex is a fabulous choice for very active children. The sole continues up over the toe cap, providing protection from knocks, bumps and scrapes when your little one is playing on a balance bike, for instance. This is a light, soft, flexible winter boot lined with warm wool, and it comes with a waterproof Tex membrane that helps keep your little one’s feet warm and dry all winter long. Walk Winter Tex comes with a TPR sole with a rough surface and a chunky profile, giving your child more grip and allowing them to play safely. The advantage of this material is that it doesn’t change when the temperature alters, so it provides good grip even in cold, slippery conditions. Walk Winter Sport Tex is made from soft leather and comes with a warm woollen lining. And with its flat, flexible outer sole made of rubber, it also forms part of the “Bundgaard Zero Heel” collection. Recommended growing room: 12-15 mm.  

Sidst set