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Storm Strap Tex


Storm Strap Tex is a sporty leather sneaker that provides additional support and stability for little feet thanks to its additional shaft height and fixed heel piece. It comes with all-season wool and waterproof Bundgaard Tex*, which makes it ideal for wearing in both spring and autumn before it’s time to wear sandals or sneakers instead. Storm Strap Tex has a sporty look thanks to the white outer soles and a fabulous suede detail on the heel. The Velcro straps on this sneaker make it easy to open up and quickly put on and take off when your child is at daycare or school. Bundgaard sneakers are the obvious choice when it comes to combining the flexibility and lightness of traditional, sporty sneakers with breathable materials and lots of support. Recommended growing room: 12-15 mm.   
Storm Strap Tex
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