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Siggi TEX


Siggi is a fantastic and practical winter boot for the little ones. It is a boot that works well for daycare as the comfort is on top and the feet are protected from bumps and shocks by active play. The boot has nice suede details and goes up over the ankle. It has an easy instep – can be opened completely and is therefore easy for the child to get into.Siggi is lined with 100% lambswool, has a water-repellent TEX-membrane, and will keep your feet warm and dry throughout the winter. It has a TPR-sole with a rough surface. The advantage of this material is that it does not change when the temperature changes and will therefore provide a good grip even if it has become cold and slippery outside. Recommended growing space: 12-15 mm. 
Siggi TEX
Siggi TEX Angebot€89,95