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Prewalker II Strap


Bundgaard’s prewalker is ideal for little ones who are just learning to walk. Your child might find it helpful to wear prewalkers if they can pull themselves up on things, stand up on their own or perhaps walk a few steps while holding mum’s or dad’s hand. This is a fantastic classic shoe that’s helped generations take their first steps. This handmade shoe is sweet and tiny, it fits the foot well and provides plenty of ankle support. Prewalkers are great for helping tiny children to feel what it’s like to wear shoes while also taking their very first steps. We recommend letting your child try to walk barefoot as well, or in non-slip socks. Your little one’s feet will develop best if you combine wearing prewalkers and walking around barefoot. Bundgaard prewalkers are made from soft, breathable leather materials and lined with vegetable tanned leather. The outer sole is a supple, flexible rubber sole that provides ideal freedom of movement for the feet. The flat, flexible sole is part of the “Bundgaard Zero Heel*” collection. Intended for indoor use.  Recommended growing room: 10-12 mm.  
Prewalker II Strap
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