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Petit Summer


In common with the Petit Sandal, Petit Summer is the perfect shoe for kids just starting to walk and is a really good outdoor summer alternative to our Prewalker shoe. The perfect choice when kids start in nursery or daycare. This is a soft, flexible model, which is important when children will often begin to wear sandals a little longer each time. The soft, flexible rubber sole is ideal for kids who are still crawling a little, but are attempting to stand and walk. These sandals also give extra toe protection for small toes when children learn to walk, play and explore. Petit Summer is made from soft, breathable leather materials and lined with vegetable tanned leather. The sole is rubber and is part of the “Bundgaard Zero Heel” category*. Recommended growing room: 10-12 mm. 
Petit Summer
Petit Summer Angebot€65,00