Chase II TEX

Chase II Tex is a classic, lightweight Chelsea boot for slightly older children, and it forms part of the Bundgaard Zero Heel* collection with its wide fit and flat, flexible sole. The design is really simple, but the many stitches add some fabulous details to the boot. Chase II Tex is lined with warm wool and comes with a waterproof Bundgaard Tex membrane that keeps your little one’s feet warm and dry in chilly winter weather. Although Chase II Tex has a wide fit, it is narrow around the ankle and the elastic ensures an excellent fit on your child’s foot. And what’s more, the elastic on both sides means your child can get into and out of this boot quickly and easily. The additional loop at the back makes it even easier for your little one to get a good grip on the boot. Recommended growing room: 12-15 mm.  

Sidst set