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Brenda Lamb Tex


Brenda Lamb Tex is a very soft, flexible winter boot with a wide fit and flat sole, and it’s part of the Bundgaard Zero Heel* collection. The design is really simple, but the tiny colour contrasts and stitching add some fabulous details to the boot. Brenda Lamb Tex is lined with warm lambswool and comes with a waterproof Bundgaard Tex membrane that keeps your little one’s feet warm and dry in chilly winter weather. The sole is made of natural rubber, which makes it soft and very flexible. The sole also continues up over the toe cap of the boot, protecting the child’s little toes from knocks and making the boot even more hard-wearing. Brenda Lamb Tex comes with a zip on the inside that makes this boot easy for your little one to get into and out of. This boot hasan additional loop at the back which makes it even easier for your little one to get a good grip on the boot. Brenda Lamb Tex is a fantastic winter boot for children who attend nursery or daycare. Recommended growing room: 12-15 mm.  
Brenda Lamb Tex
Brenda Lamb Tex Angebot€120,00