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Bennie Lace TEX


Bennie Lace Tex is a fabulous choice for very active children who rarely sit still. This is a practical sneaker that’s ideal for spring and autumn wear thanks to its waterproof Bundgaard Tex membrane. The sole continues up over the toe cap, protecting those tiny feet from knocks, bumps and scrapes when your little one is playing on a balance bike, for instance. This shoe comes with a sporty design that’s highlighted by nice colour contrasts. Bennie Lace Tex is fastened with an anorak fastener on elasticated laces, which makes it easy for your child to put their own shoes on. Benjamin Lace with its flat, flexible rubber sole is part of the “Bundgaard Zero Heel” collection. Recommended growing room: 12-15 mm.  
Bennie Lace TEX
Bennie Lace TEX Angebot€75,00