Learn how to take proper care of your shoes to make them last longer and look nice!
Take good care of your children’s shoes – they are used every day and in all types of weather!

Before use - impregnation

All new shoes must be impregnated before use to prevent dirt, grease, and water from penetrating the leather. It is recommended to impregnate the shoes 1-2 times before using them. Continue using impregnation-spray on cleaned shoes regularly.

During use - care

Smooth leather

Leather is a natural material that may after time look dry and dull and will need a little care to keep looking fresh.

Start by wiping the shoe with a hard-wrung damp cloth and allow the shoe to dry. Then apply the shoe with shoe polish or leather grease. Once it is completely dry, the shoe can be impregnated again for a better finish. This should be repeated on a regular basis.


Wipe the shoe with a hard-wrung cloth. Then let it dry. Use a suede brush on the shoe, to raise the hairs again and give them more life. A suede spray will also help to refresh the color. An impregnation spray should also be used for protection - be sure to choose a spray that is intended for suede.

Shoe cream

Shoes in smooth leather can be treated with shoe polish to add moisture and nourishment to the skin, and thereby give it a fresher look.
Shoes in smooth leather must first be cleaned with a damp sponge, after which the shoe polish is applied once dried. It should be rubbed in thoroughly, and followed by a final polish using a cotton cloth until the leather is shiny.

Drying of shoes

Shoes are best dried by taking out the insole, filling the shoes with newspapers, and letting them dry at normal room temperature. Do not dry the shoes by placing them near a radiator or other direct heat sources, as this may cause the leather to crack.

Remember that shoes do not only get wet from rain and snow but can also get damp inside, due to the sweat emitted by the foot.

Winter boots / TEX-Membrane

Start by wiping the boot with a hard-wrung damp cloth and allow the boot to dry. Then use shoe polish or leather grease on the leather (not suede). Once it is completely dried, use impregnation spray all over the surface. Repeat the treatment on a regular basis.
Please note that impregnation spray for boots with a TEX-Membrane must not contain silicone!

It is very important that boots with a TEX-Membrane dry naturally. To do so, take the soles out of the boot to dry (put newspaper in the boot if necessary, to speed up the process). The boots must not be placed directly on a heat source (radiator or cabinet) as this will damage the advantages of the membrane.


Bundgaard's rubber boots are handmade in natural rubber. Natural rubber is a very durable material, perfect for rubber boots which must withstand water, wind, and all other types of weather.

The care and maintenance of the rubber boots will prolong their life, keeping them strong and flexible without tearing. It is not difficult to take good care of the boots; a care product can be bought directly from the store or alternatively a natural oil can be used instead (e.g. a taste-neutral oil from the kitchen). Always apply the product with a sponge or cloth.

Once the rubber boots have been washed, do not dry them on the radiator or another heat source. This can create cracks in the rubber, challenging the boot to remain completely waterproof.

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