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* Notwendige Felder

Caja is a classic unisex chelsea boot with warm wool lining and TEX. The design is simplistic and easy-to-wear. The boot has a wide fit and comes with a supportive heel cap that helps provide stability. The zipper closure is a fast and easy way to put on and take off the shoe. This feature is especially great for kids who are in a hurry to go outside to play.

Materiale: Læder
For: 100% uld
Sål: Gummi
Lukning: Lynlås/Elastik
Pasform: Normal til bred

Indicative internal measurements:
Gr. 2315,3 cm
Gr. 2416 cm
Gr. 2516,7 cm
Gr. 2617,4 cm
Gr. 2718 cm
Gr. 2818,6 cm
Gr. 2919,3 cm
Gr. 3019,9 cm
Gr. 3120,6 cm
Gr. 3221,3 cm
Gr. 3322 cm
Gr. 3422,5 cm
Gr. 3523,1 cm
Gr. 3623,5 cm
Gr. 3724 cm
Gr. 3824,5cm

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